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Miscellaneous Charges and Fees

List of Fees and Charges:

Padlock Replacement$20.00
Delinquent Fee$75.00
ACH / Check Return Processing Fee$40.00
Equipment Rate (pickup truck) / 1 Man ($100/per hour) 2 hour minimum$200.00
Illegal Meter Pit Fee Shut Off Fee$75.00
Parts and Labor for Illegal Meter Pit Access Repairs – Charges As Required For Restoration
System Development Fees - See Attached
Illegal Meter Pit Access 1st Offense$50.00
Illegal Meter Pit Access 2nd Offense$100.00
Illegal Meter Pit Access 3rd Offense$150.00
Jumper 1st Offense$100.00
Jumper 2nd Offense$200.00
Jumper 3rd Offense$300.00


System Development Fees 2024.pdfNWSWSD Backflow Compliance Procedures and Fees.pdf